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SYMPOSIUM: Horizon Scanning - North Africa and the Sahel

On September 27th, Dan Kaine, senior partner at Inherent Risks, will be a Guest Speaker at the London Intelligence Forum hosted at Google's Headquarters in London.

Dan will talk about North Africa and the Sahel, starting with a brief overview of Coups and Civil Unrest in the region since 2020, what the warning signs were, and what the immediate and ongoing economic and security consequences have been.

He will talk about the 'Anatomy of an Evacuation' and the immediate challenges on-the-ground when considering whether to shelter in place, potentially for a long period of time, vs. extraction and evacuation options.

He will also present Inherent Risks' predictions in the region for the coming months in terms of Civil Unrest, potential Coup(s), and/or Genocide, and how that might affect multinational entities conducting operations there.

It will conclude with a real Case Study from Sudan, presented with a map to demonstrate how complex the situation was, where a complete failure to prepare left 37 staff members of an international corporation, separated and stranded with no basic duty of care or travel risk management procedures in place. And how Inherent Risks were charged with keeping them safe, and evacuating them to safety.


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