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Risk Advisory

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Risk Solutions

In 2023, Inherent Risks’ provided over 50,000-hours of risk and crisis consulting services, and assisted over 12,000-people in 67-countries on behalf of multinational corporations, international non-governmental organisations, and foreign governments. We forecast that will double in 2024.

Inherent Risks is a force multiplier for your organisation.

We take a dynamic and intelligence-led approach to risk, and work with insurers and multinational organisations to think proactively and holistically about uncertainty. This enables us to speak a common risk language, further enabling stakeholders to make more informed decisions, in-turn alleviating threats, capitalising on opportunities, and creating lasting value.

Risk Advisory

Inherent Risks is retained by insurers, multinational corporations and non-governmental organisations to provide professional and proactive risk advisory and expert opinion to assess, mitigate, manage and transfer individual risks. This can range from providing specific political risk intelligence about a particular country or region, conducting global risk assessments, tracing and recovering assets, responding to a kidnap or security threat, identifying cost containment scams, analysing large-loss incidents; and investigating fraudulent insurance claims.

Risk Advisory

Risk Rating

We have developed a dynamic and intelligence-led Country Risk Rating that separates each country into zones, rated from 'Extremely High' to 'Very Low'. This matrix works in conjunction with our proprietary Country Risk Maps, and enables Actuaries and Underwriters to assess risks, and establish pricing more accurately. This has given our insurance clients the competitive edge in terms of pricing, while simultaneously mitigating risks and claims.

Risk Rating


Risk Maps was developed by Inherent Risks, in partnership with Lloyd's of London insurers, to provide an interactive and easy-to-use Risk Matrix enabling underwriters to quickly price individual and group risks for medical & security evacuation insurance cover. It has since been adopted by brokers and insurers across the globe to assess travel risks and determine rates in high-risk regions. It is also widely used by foreign governments, corporations and organisations as a trusted travel risk management and journey planning tool.


Risk Assessments

We provide comprehensive, project-specific, in-country risk assessments tailored to our clients specific requirements, enabling decision-makers to anticipate and quantify external business risks that might adversely impact their investments, people, assets and reputation. Our on-the-ground, intelligence-led approach factors in political, economic, regulatory, environmental, corruption and security risks.

Risk Assessments

Risk Intelligence & Alerts

When Breaking News happens, it's highly likely that at least one of our clients will be affected. At Inherent Risks, we proactively monitor risks around the world, including political risks, natural disasters, acts of war and terrorism, and disruptive events such as inclement weather. We then provide relevant alerts for those risks, which we assess that may affect our clients' people, operations and reputation.

Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

As part of your duty of care responsibility to your globally mobile workforce, we work with you to create a proactive and holistic approach to travel risk management, designed to prepare not scare, ensuring your organisation is prepared, and your people are trained (and insured), to handle modern travel safety risks, and equipped with the resources they need to stay safe, take quick action, and recover if the unexpected happens.

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