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Crisis Response

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How quickly and effectively you respond to a crisis is critical to a successful outcome, and can mean the difference between recovering rapidly, or not at all. A crisis can take many forms, causing disruption to operations, confusing roles and responsibilities, triggering a loss of confidence, and calling into question the reputation and leadership of organisations and governments alike.


Inherent Risks is a force multiplier for your organisation.

Our response times are within minutes, not hours or days. In the event of a crisis, it starts with a remote consultation, either by an encrypted phone call or secure video link. Depending on the situation, we may also deploy a Response Consultant anywhere in the world to work alongside your team and/or family until the incident is resolved.


Our highly-skilled and experienced crisis team will help you to gain a real-world perspective of the crisis situation, and translate that into a strategy that enables you to prepare for, and make informed decisions. We provide continuous support through 'light-touch' consulting, or as an embedded team, to act on behalf of, or work alongside, your team or family for the duration of the disruption or incident.



Inherent Risks is an industry leader when it comes to conducting emergency evacuations, particularly from challenging regions, whether its due to a natural disaster, political unrest, or terrorism related incident. Our team has extensive expertise in this arena, and the global networks of medical, security, aviation and ground transportation providers required to offer end-to-end solutions. In 2023 alone, our team led mass-scale complex evacuations from Ukraine, Sudan, Niger, Iraq, Gabon, Libya, Morocco and Nepal.

Emergency Evacuations

Kidnap, Extortion & Threat Response

An ‘incident’ can take many forms. How you respond can mean the difference between success and failure, and even between life and death. Whether you are facing a complex crisis that threatens reputation such as product tampering or extortion, or a crisis that has an immediate threat to life such as a kidnap for ransom, our team can help you navigate these incidents to improve their outcomes.

Asset Recovery

Malicious Active Assailant Response

We work with clients' and insurers' to mitigate and respond to Active Assailant incidents, defined as a premeditated malicious attack by an armed individual or group. These weapons can be a knife or gun, explosive device worn on the body, a vehicle used as a ramming device, or an altered hand-held weapon. The response to such an incident requires a specialist and multifaceted team ranging from crisis experts to trauma professionals.

Asset Tracing & Recovery

On behalf of aviation, maritime and specie, insurers and claims providers, Inherent Risks has successfully traced assets, obtained photographic and video evidence, and recovered millions of pounds worth of assets from challenging environments. Most notably, tracing several armoured vehicles previously reported as destroyed in Afghanistan, obtaining evidence of damage to commercial planes in Sudan, and tracing and recovering fine art and jewellery in Ukraine.


After Action

Battlefield tactics adapted to boardroom thinking and practical integration are at the heart of everything we do. Our team conduct After Action Reviews on behalf of clients at the end of a project, programme or incident to help them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, to identify risks, and most importantly, to learn from the successes and failures in the past, to better predict the future.

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