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Our Firm

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About us

Intelligence-led and performance-driven risk management and crisis response solutions, developed to exceed conduct risk expectations and improve outcomes for clients and insurers.


In-house risk advisory, risk rating, risk assessments, risk analysis and risk transfer.


Expertise in crisis response, emergency evacuations and claims administration.


Experienced in tracing and recovering high-value assets in and from challenging regions.


100% independent and employee owned.

As an intelligence-led and performance-driven, risk and response firm, decision-makers turn to us - including multinational corporations, global organisations, foreign governments, and private clients - to develop risk mitigation solutions for special, unusual and hard to place risks, often in politically, geographically, and challenging environments.


Our extensive and current experience operating in these regions is unrivalled, through a combination of our own boots-on-the-ground, the strategic global partnerships we have developed, and our ability to understand and recognise that collaboration is the key to success during a crisis.


Since 2020, Inherent Risks has provided dynamic, diligent and discreet services for the government and private sector in over sixty countries, from 'light-touch' consulting to 'in-depth' analysis.

Inherent Risks is a force multiplier for any organisation. We bring together multiple perspectives and thought leadership through subject-matter experts, carefully selected for their diverse skillsets and experience, and who are strategically located around the world, providing global reach, local understanding, and rapid response times.

Ethics & Conduct

We always act with integrity – taking responsibility for our work, caring for our people and staying focused on safety and sustainability. We make investments in our clients, our people and our communities, so we can grow together.

Inclusion & Diversity

We put people at the heart of our business. We embrace different perspectives, collaborating to make a positive impact. Through an unparalleled focus on inclusion with a diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers, we build trust – in each other and across our company.

Sustainability & Environment

From the way we operate our business, to the sustainable solutions we co-create with clients and partners, we continue to look at ways to make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for businesses, governments and communities around the world.

Head Office

Located directly opposite Lloyd's of London on Leadenhall Street

Inherent Risks is retained by, and maintains professional business relationships with, underwriters, brokers and claims providers who call upon our professional services and perspectives every day. Since 2020, we have provided a range of dynamic, diligent and discreet services for government, non-governmental and private sector clients in over sixty-countries. From conducting global risk assessments to tracing and recovering assets, responding to kidnap and security threats to conducting emergency evacuations, identifying cost containment scams to auditing large-loss insurance claims.


Our leadership.

Our professionals are united through one common goal, to lead by example. Through their extensive industry expertise, and the breadth and depth of their collective global experience, we offer an outstanding service to our clients who turn to us to navigate them through their greatest business challenges.

Our aim is to focus on the practices and regions where we have a competitive advantage, and to meet the demand for reliable service, rapid problem resolution, and improved outcomes for our clients, while mitigating and managing risk, and providing the best possible strategic advice and duty of care services.


Many of our people are also called upon in various professional capacities, including as expert witnesses, media commentators, think-tank members and global board advisors.

Core values

Because we care.

It may sound like a cliché, but we really do care. As an employee owned business since inception, we have organically created a ‘we care’ culture, as much for our own company, reputation and success, as for that of our clients, and each other.

Our people have backgrounds as varied as our clients. And, much like our clients, we have experienced the ebbs and flows of launching and operating a business. Taking it from start-up, to scale-up, to a global operation. Experiencing pain-points, and finding solutions. This gives us a unique perspective and enables us to approach each challenge from a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective, to provide clients with expert insights and guidance; enabling decision-makers to make fully informed decisions.

Our Core Values

- Integrity

- Quality

- Agility

- Diversity

Trusted by clients' around the world

A selection of just some of the organisations who have trusted Inherent Risks across government, defence, humanitarian, financial, insurance, media and aviation sectors.

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