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Our People

Inherent Risks refers to the brand under which our member firms provide risk, intelligence and response advisory services. We are a Partnership, led by a Board of Directors, delivering on our promises of making complex simple, and improving outcomes for our clients.

Inherent Risks is a force multiplier for your organisation.

Our professionals are united through one common goal, to lead by example. Through their extensive industry expertise, and the breadth and depth of their collective global experience, we offer an outstanding service to our clients who turn to us to navigate them through their greatest business challenges.

Meet our Leadership Team

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Dan Kaine



Dan is the founder of Inherent Risks and has led the strategic direction and rapid growth of the business. In the position of Special Risks Director, he advises clients on their exposure to war, terrorism and political risks. He is also an active member of a Response Syndicate established for the purpose of responding to insured kidnap, ransom, extortion and threat cases. He is a hands-on leader with extensive international experience, who takes a boots-on-the-ground approach, quite often deploying in the early stages to region(s) which may be experiencing instability. Dan is considered an expert on directing security evacuations from challenging environments, most notably leading mass-scale evacuations from Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Sudan, Niger and Israel. In a career spanning 26-years, he has spent extensive tenures in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Ukraine. He formerly served within security and intelligence roles for 10-years, with DV security clearance, within the British Army, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and US Department of Defense. He holds qualifications and certifications from several universities, including global business management, crisis management, disaster response, complex incident management, mediation, and family liaison. Dan is a Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (F.ISRM) and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (FRGS).

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Mike O'Halloran



Mike, better known across the industry as O’H, has gained extensive experience at operational, strategic and tactical levels across a broad range of risk practices. Prior to joining Inherent Risks in January 2022, O’H served as the Director of Risk & Insurance at Northcott Global Solutions where for over 10-years his Board level experience focussed on mitigating and managing risk for international organisations, and streamlining emergency response deliverables. During his tenure at Inherent Risks, he has deployed to several countries in support of client operations, including Ukraine, Lebanon and Nepal, and has spearheaded travel risk management and medical assistance initiatives to improve outcomes for clients. O’H formerly served in the British Army in a career spanning 24-years with numerous operational deployments, including peace keeping, counter insurgency and combat operations, achieving the rank of Warrant Officer. He’s a strategic thinker, with the intellect to plan, innovate and deliver unprecedented results in terms of diverse global problem solving, transformational change and business continuity planning. His comprehensive understanding of operational requirements help deliver sustainable business, and customer centric solutions for organisational teams at all levels.

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Matt Hooper



Matt joined Inherent Risks in February 2022, and deployed immediately to Ukraine in a risk intelligence role to support client operations. Since then, he has spent a considerable amount of time in that region, and has provided close protection, risk assessments and overwatch for media and humanitarian organisations, war crimes investigators and visiting dignitaries. He continues to collate, analyse and disseminate critical intelligence alerts, and provides pre-travel safety advisory and support to clients operating in challenging environments. Matt is an active member of Response Syndicate, established for the purpose of responding to insured kidnap, ransom and extortion cases; as well as emergency evacuations. He brings 25-years experience to Inherent Risks, starting his career with HM Forces in a specialist role, before transitioning across to the private security sector. He honed his skills and abilities in the demanding landscapes of the Middle East and Africa, with extensive experience providing close protection in Iraq and Afghanistan, and consultancy in Libya and Nigeria. Notably, he has played a crucial role in executing high-risk extractions for blue-chip companies of foreign citizens and in-country nationals during periods of political instability, social unrest and natural disasters.

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Maria Paśnikowska



Maria joined Inherent Risks in April, 2022 from NATO where she was deployed to the Polish border, working as a Linguist and Interpreter during the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and was responsible for the accurate translation and dissemination of mission critical intelligence. Prior to this, Maria had a background in travel, hospitality and finance, and adapted her experience to qualify as an assistance and claims - case manager, in an accident and health division with a high operational tempo. In this role, Maria led the case management of over 3,000 requests for travel and medical assistance from over 50 countries, and became an essential conduit between global insurance clients, international medical network providers, and our case management team. Upon completion of Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Maria deployed several times into Ukraine with our Special Risks team. During her tenure at Inherent Risks, she has excelled in solving complex auditing discrepancies, identifying insurance fraud attempts, handling multi-currency financial transactions, and insurance bordereau management. As such, Maria was promoted to Finance Operations Manager.

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