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Inherent Risks established full-time operations in Ukraine in February 2022. Since then we have enabled a considerable amount of multinational corporations, international NGOs and foreign governments to safely (re)enter Ukraine and (re)establish operations. Through our intelligence-led services and dedication to giving back, we have been awarded several long-term contracts funded by the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Congress, USAID and the European Commission, as well as Private Equity.

Introducing Ukraine Response

Medical bill pay, medical evacuation, medical repatriation and crisis response cover.


Ukraine Response is the most affordable and comprehensive Medical and Crisis Response Cover available for individuals and groups entering and travelling within Ukraine, and is fully indemnified, backed by ‘A’ Rated capacity with Lloyd’s, and other (re)insurers.

It was developed by Inherent Risks to solve an immediate problem faced by multinational corporations and international NGOs who were deploying to Ukraine with insufficient medical evacuation and/or crisis response insurance cover.

Client Support Services

Inherent Risks is supporting clients' in Ukraine with integrated travel risk management and duty of care services. We have established a country-wide medical provider network, have developed relationships with government representatives and local businesses, and have teams strategically located - and positioned to respond.

Additional services include:

Risk Assessments

Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template, but a trusted ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach.

Translations / Interpretation

Certified translations of documents, and vetted deployable Interpreters.

Crisis Response

Qualified and experienced Response Consultants for threat, kidnap and extortion.

Journey Planning

There’s no substitute for experience. Our team has planned and tracked thousands of trips in Ukraine.

Employee Vetting

Providing background checks of In-Country Nationals for peace of mind.



Obtaining photographic and video evidence, and recovering assets.

Safe House Network

A trusted network of
‘‘hibernation’ locations
throughout Ukraine and bordering countries.

Armoured Vehicles

A trusted network of
armoured vehicles and
vehicle recovery services.

HNWI Insurance

Ensuring you receive the highest level of risk, protection and insurance advisory.



Ukraine Risk Map enables Lloyd's underwriters to quickly assess risks and establish pricing


As thousands of Ukrainians were fleeing the country in fear of their lives, global media agencies were entering the country to report on the conflict, and NGOs to assist with evacuations and humanitarian operations. As a result, we were receiving requests for insurance coverage at a rapid rate. The problem that insurers were facing was that conflicting media reports blurred the lines of where active combat operations were taking place. In addition, both the organisations requesting insurance, and the insurers themselves, were not overly familiar with the country's geography, or able to pronounce the names of towns and cities.



Inherent Risks developed the Ukraine Risk Map, in partnership with Lloyd's insurers, to provide an interactive and easy-to-use Risk Matrix that designates risks into Red, Orange and Green Zones, and enables underwriters to quickly price individual and group risks for medical & security evacuation insurance cover. It has since been adopted by brokers and insurers across the globe to assess travel risks and determine rates in low, medium and high-risk regions. It is also widely used by foreign governments, multinational corporations and international non-governmental organisations as a trusted travel risk management and journey planning tool.

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