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Inherent Risks has developed a duty of care, emergency medical evacuation and crisis response membership product, with integrated travel risk management tools specifically designed to prepare and assist individuals and groups operating in challenging environments.

Inherent Risks is a force multiplier for your organisation.

Membership activates for a wide range of critical events, and does not exclude war and terrorism. It is fully indemnified, and backed by ‘A’ Rated capacity, with Lloyd’s of London, and other Company Market insurers.

Membership vs. Insurance

In terms of coverage, benefits and policy triggers, Membership works in the same way as an emergency medical, crisis and evacuation insurance policy. What sets our Response Membership apart is that it was designed, in partnership with underwriters, by the very response team who you would call in the event of an emergency. As such, it includes integrated and proactive risk mitigation and duty of care tools, and provides Members with 24/7 access to on-the-ground capabilities which responds, beyond the limitations of most insurance policies, at an affordable price per person, per day.

Membership is a bespoke emergency medical bill payment, medical evacuation, repatriation, and crisis response programme. Members can call the 24/7 emergency response phone number to request assistance.

Membership is available to all nationalities*, including in-country nationals. As with Insurance, all Members are subject to a Sanctions Check.


* Membership is not available to citizens of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Russia & Belarus, who also reside within either Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Russia & Belarus.

Introducing Ukraine Response

Developed by Inherent Risks to solve an immediate problem faced by multi-national corporations and international NGOs who were deploying to Ukraine with insufficient medical evacuation and/or crisis response cover.


Ukraine Response (Membership)

Ukraine Response is the most affordable and comprehensive Medical and Crisis Response Membership available for individuals and groups entering and travelling within Ukraine, and is fully indemnified, backed by ‘A’ Rated capacity, with Lloyd’s of London, and other Company Market insurers.

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