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CONFERENCE: 'Innovate THIS' - Evacuations in Challenging Environments

On September 13th, 2023, Dan Kaine, senior partner at Inherent Risks, will be a Guest Speaker at the Innovate THIS Conference hosted at Tobacco Dock in London.

Dan will present three fact-based Case Studies on recent indemnified, mass evacuation events, including Afghanistan (2021) Ukraine (2022) and Sudan (2023), and will dissect the critical decisions made by insurers several months prior which had both positive impacts, and negative consequences - to both the policyholder(s), and to the insurer(s).

He will give a brief overview of the tumultuous events of 2023 so far, including political risk and natural disaster events which have led to billions in losses for insurers and self-insured corporations; and look at what insurers can do differently to proactively reduce their losses, and improve policyholder outcomes.

To purchase your tickets for this conference, visit: THIS


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