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Sourced and delivered $100k of medical equipment to Ukraine frontline hospitals

Inherent Risks first deployed it's head of crisis advisory to Ukraine within 36-hours of Russia's invasion of the country.

Soon after, Inherent Risks was contacted by a high-net-worth-individual (HNWI) client who had family in Ukraine, and who offered to donate a substantial amount of money, giving our company the task of sourcing and delivering good quality trauma medical equipment and essential medications for frontline hospitals.

Realising quickly that due to Brexit there would be a substantial customs cost implication if the equipment was sourced in the United Kindgdom, we conducted due diligence on three European suppliers who reported to have the items we had requested in stock.

We deployed two staff members to the medical equipment supplier warehouse, which was located in Spain, both of who are former military personnel with trauma medic experience, to hand-pick and inspect the items.

While the amount donated from the HNWI was considerably more, the supplier had just over £100,000 of equipment in-stock, of which we purchased almost all. Once packed, the boxes and bags filled the back of a large panel van.

During Inherent Risks' tenure in Ukraine up to that date, the firm had spent a considerable amount of time establishing intelligence and logistics networks, and had developed an excellent working relationship with a group of government cleared volunteers who were supplying medical aid to frontline hospitals.

While one team transported the equipment across Europe, a second team was arranging a rendevous at a bonded warehouse, where the equiments would be transferred for it's 700 mile journey east to frontline hospitals.

After its successful delivery to the frontline, Inherent Risks received a letter of "Thank you", along with a directed list of very specific equipment and medical supplies that was urgently needed.

With the remaining donated amount(s), we placed further orders with the Spanish supplier.


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