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Provided Hazardous Environment Awareness Training to an Exploration Company

An Exploration & Production company with operations across Africa was informed by their insurer that as a risk management measure, all 600+ staff must be trained to operate in hazardous environments in order to be covered under a new special risks insurance policy.

Learning & Development

A client who we had already conducted Physical Penetration Testing services at oil & gas facilities in several regions across Africa, including Nigeria, South Sudan, Libya and Sierra Leone, reached out to ask if we could recommend a provider of Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for their staff.

He explained that with 600+ staff, in five-countries, all working different shift patterns, it was going to be a difficult task to get everyone trained, but a task that was essential to ensure continued coverage for an expiring insurance policy that had been tested with several large loss claims in the twelve-months prior.

It was at the same time that Inherent Risks was developing our own, Hazardous Environment Awareness Training, through an eLearning portal that can be completed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and can be supplemented with an optional two-day practical element that can be completed at any site location around the world.

In a video call between Inherent Risks, the client, and the insurer, a demonstration of our eLearning course was provided, and the insurer not only approved the course for this client, but now also recommends our training to its policy holders.

The Results

Inherent Risks was able to provide a turn-key training solution that did not disrupt business operations for this client. At present, this contract is still ongoing, with just over 100 of 600+ staff successfully completing the self-paced learning. Our team will also be conducting practical training, in-country, when it is safe to do so, adhering to all Covid-19 safety measures.

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