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Provided Covid-19 compliance support for staff at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics

After successfully providing risk advisory and crisis management services for clients attending the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, our Senior Partner, Dan Kaine was approached again, initially to conduct a risk assessment to assess the feasibility of support staff attending the Olympics in Tokyo.

Facing an unprecedented global event, with fans ordered not to attend due to the risk of spreading Covid-19, and with only essential staff allowed to travel, executives of sponsor companies also scrapped their plans to attend events.

However, there was still a requirement for essential administration and logistics support staff from several organisations, and from different countries, to attend, albeit with strict testing and social distancing measures in place. This came with the added complexity that each organisation had their own risk management and duty of care policies in place, based on their own countries government guidelines, and not one cohesive plan.

Inherent Risks was initially retained to conduct a risk assessment for 37 people to attend the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This was later increased to 79, from eight different countries.

We were tasked with setting up a remote, Special Assistance Team to deliver all pre-travel safety briefings, coordinate secure journey management plans, monitor Covid-19 compliance and testing procedures, and provide medical and security assistance.

Over four-weeks, our team successfully managed 167 journeys to and from Japan, coordinated and recorded daily Covid-19 testing, tracked over 2,500 local journeys to and from hotels and events, provided medical assistance for 12-cases, security assistance for three-cases, and trauma counselling for one case.

In addition, our team handled over 160 calls and emails from staff and their families after a 6.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan.


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