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Prevented a motorcycle brand from disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic

A motorcycle brand, with production lines, distribution centres and business offices in five-countries, was facing the prospect of severe disruption to its operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Restarting Global Operations

After providing Private Client services for a business executive in the U.K., Inherent Risks received a call to explain that their business group operations had been closed down due to the Government lockdown, and to ask our advice on how they could restart their operations as soon as possible.

We conducted remote risk assessments at each of their locations, via video calls, to understand the scope of their operations, the building layouts, and their procedures. From this, and through liaison with operations staff in each location, we created a heat map that pinpointed the locations where most employees would typically be closer than the recommended 2 meters apart.

After meeting with two separate insurers, and reviewing government guidelines from each country their operations were in, we were able to design a comprehensive, Covid-19 compliant workspace, through revised workflow systems, and by installing safety screens, and sourcing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Results

Inherent Risks' work led to this motorcycle brand experiencing minimal disruption to its manufacturing and distribution lines, and were able to safely restart global operations within just 10-days of initially closing. This also led to several media stories documenting this success, gaining positive publicity for the brand.


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