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Mike O'Halloran



Mike O'Halloran is a Partner in our Managed Risk practice.

Mike, more affectionally known across the industry as O’H, has gained extensive experience at operational, strategic and tactical levels across a broad range of risk practices, including employers liability, and political, medical, catastrophe and crisis response.

Prior to Inherent Risks, O’H served as the Director of Risk & Insurance at Northcott Global Solutions where for over 10-years his Board level experience focussed on mitigating and managing risk for international organisations, and streamlining emergency and crisis response planning deliverables.

During his tenure at NGS, he spearheaded the design and implementation of the travel risk management, medical and security assistance, and incident response capabilities that the company provides.

O’H formerly served in the British Army in a career spanning 24-years with numerous operational deployments, including Peace Keeping, Counter Insurgency and Combat Operations, achieving the rank of Warrant Officer, which provided a unique ability to analyse, plan and respond to inherent risks in complex environments.

He’s a strategic thinker, with the intellect to plan, innovate and deliver unprecedented results in terms of diverse global problem solving, transformational change and business continuity planning. His comprehensive understanding of operational requirements help deliver sustainable business, and customer centric solutions for organisational teams at all levels.

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