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Learning & Development

Inherent Risks offers a number of eLearning courses, revolving around travel safety and wellbeing, enabling you to train your globally mobile workforce, international students, and insured travellers on how to better prepare for travel, and to provide them with the tools they need to recognise potential risks, guidance on how to reduce those risks, and advice on what to do should an incident occur.   

These courses have been developed by Inherent Risks’ personnel who are qualified and experienced subject-matter experts in travel risk management, terrorism and counter-terrorism, crisis management, global health, pandemic response, and humanitarian disaster response.


All courses are interactive, and regularly updated to include recent global incidents and threats to keep the learner engaged, making practical scenarios current and relevant, and bringing the learning experience to life through real case-studies, anecdotal experiences, and interactive simulations.

Our eLearning courses can serve as a standalone training solution as part of your more comprehensive duty of care and travel risk management programme, or can be enhanced by our practical training solutions which can be delivered at any of your own office or site locations around the world.

The benefits of eLearning are:


  • Scalable and cost-effective, and reduces travel costs for in-person training.

  • Courses are immediately available, so no need to book and wait.

  • Can be completed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection using a laptop or tablet.

  • Demonstrate that your organisation is fulfilling its duty of care responsibilities.

  • Reduce employee downtime and claims costs by proactively avoiding risks.

Full internal reporting is also available to monitor, and confirm attendee progress, and completion.

Our courses are SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant, and can be accessed online via a secure online portal. Our retained clients will receive a custom link to a co-branded website that can be sent out internally, by you, via email to your business and pleasure travellers, and international students. Learners can log-in, learn at their own pace, and will receive certificates of completion for each course.

    Our risk advisory services provide clients' with expert insights, strategies and guidance that enables decision-makers to navigate the most challenging and emerging, risks and threats. Our holistic approach combines industry best practice with proven thought leadership to provide the most comprehensive solutions to modern-day security, safety and political risks, using local knowledge and understanding across the globe.
    Our strategic intelligence services provide senior decision-makers with the detailed, accurate and timely due diligence they need to minimise uncertainty and make informed business decisions relating to expansion, capital investments, new market entry,competitive tenders, and other commercial opportunties, with a particular focus on emerging markets and complex regions.
  • Ground Truth
    When risk assessments are conducted, and strategic intelliigence is collected from a distance, i.e. not on-the-ground, the information presented does not provide a full and accurate report. Our ground truth services are adopted in conjunction with our risk advisory and strategic intelligence services to provide on-the-ground analysis that enables clients' to make intelligence-led, informed business decisions.
  • Sector Benchmarking
    Our sector benchmarking services provide industry specific insight into demonstrated best practices within operations, sales and recruitment, identifying direct competitors, and other organisations with superior performance, to understand the processes, practices and pricing that drives that performance; enabling our clients' to analyse the data, identify opportunities for improvement, and compete.
  • Complex Claims Monitoring
    We have developed core competencies in monitoring and managing complex and large loss claims across the spectrum of accident & health, catastrophe response and crisis management, including kidnap, ransom and extortion cases, to reduce claims costs, mitigate fraud, and improve outcomes for stakeholders.
  • After Action Review
    Battlefield tactics adapted to boardroom thinking are at the heart of everything we do. Our team conduct After Action Reviews on behalf of clients' at the end of a project, programme or incident to help them in understanding their strengths and weakenesses, and most importantly, to learn from the successes and failures in the past, to better predict the future.

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