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Dan Kaine



Dan Kaine is a Senior Partner in our Managed Risk practice.

Dan has held several key roles over 25-years at military, government and corporate levels which included extensive tenures in the middle east, west and east Africa, and latin America.

As a dynamic thinker and results driven problem solver, Dan uses his skills and experience to advise clients on a wide variety of issues, including: risk mitigation, strategic planning and crisis management.

Prior to Inherent Risks, he served as Head of Crisis Solutions for a specialist emergency assistance and travel risk management firm where he led multidisciplinary teams in the response to kidnap, ransom and extortion cases, directed operations across the spectrum of medical and security assistance, held Delegated Authority through certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London for insurance claims up to $100k, and played a pivotal role in solving clients’ most complex problems around the world.

Dan's recent notable achievements include:


  • Deploying to Ukraine, within days of the start of Russia's offensive, to establish emergency medical and security response capabilities on behalf of UK high-risk environment insurers.

  • Designing and leading the COVID compliance and logistics support programme supporting administrative staff deploying to Japan in a global lockdown for the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Establishing 96 safe houses across Afghanistan after a coup led by the Taliban stopped all flights out of the country, and further led the coordination of moving people and assets to safety.

  • Setting-up an Incident Response Centre to manage the response to the Port of Beirut explosion that killed over 200 people, injured 7,000 and caused $15 billion in property and infrastructure damage.

  • Leading the investigation of a multi-million dollar helicopter rescue scam in Nepal that targeted the global insurance market and placed countless lives in danger.

Dan holds industry qualifications and certifications from several universities and professional institutions, including global business management, crisis resource management, disaster medicine response, complex incident management, mediation, and family liaison.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management and a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

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